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Travel Size Solid Foam Rubber Latex Pillow

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Travel size Solid Foam Rubber Latex Pillow


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This natural foam rubber pillow provides medium-firm support for the neck or back.

Offers 31% more pressure relief than memory foam pillows.

Has the ability to reduce stiffness and pain caused by inadequate support of your neck, and helps alleviate conditions such as night sweats.

  • Medium firm support, not extra firm like the adult-sized solid rubber pillow
  • Compact making it ideal for business travel and for regular use at home

The natural rubber is:

  • Non-Molded latex, made using the Dunlop process
  • Covered in 100% unbleached organic cotton cover
  • Resilient and extremely durable
  • Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust-resistant
  • Made in India

 Certified organic by GOLS


Travel / Almost Standard size - 15" x 22" - approximately 4" thick (Standard size is typically 20x26")


Questions about the rubber smell? Read this: Top Organic pillow related Questions asked by our Customers

DID YOU KNOW that the term "natural latex" could mean either natural or synthetic latex? Here's an article that gives our rationale for why we carry this particular natural rubber latex pillow.

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Care Instructions

  • For maximum longevity, highly recommend you use the pillow with a separate, standard size pillowcase
  • Spot clean with mild soap and water
  • Placing your pillows in indirect sun is an excellent way to purify them (along with pads, toppers, and comforters)
  • Do not machine wash pillows (just the pillow covers)
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