We want to live more naturally, without exposure to everyday carcinogens.

Join us as we research and source healthier and sustainably made products for the home.

"Most candles are made of paraffin, a waste product of the petroleum industry. Some can actually emit black soot made up of polluting polyaromatic hydrocarbons" - Ecoholic

Candles and incense are potential sources of Indoor air pollution. Reduce your exposure by:
- eliminating Paraffin based candles
- ensure that lead isn't part of the wick (Health Canada has yet to ban)

Thus, we source soy and beeswax based candles, both derived from renewable sources that burn clean.

Tip for allergy sufferers: "Long-lasting beeswax is said to actually clean the air by releasing calming negative ions that cling to dust, making particles so heavy they fall."

Natural Beeswax candles

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