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Cool sheets


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Why we consider these as our best cool sheets options

percale bedding

Percale Cotton Sheets

Percale's classic weave has a crisp, cool hand that retains less heat than alternative bedding (compared to Sateen cotton)

Percale vs Sateen - what's the difference?

Cool sheets 

Bamboo Sheets

Properties of Bamboo are such that it permits good air circulation, thus perceived feeling of 'cool'.

We only carry it Queen size today - a lot of green-washed bamboo based products, so please read the labels if shopping elsewhere.

How does Bamboo compare to cotton?

Some swear that it's softer than cotton.

But bamboo sheets can tear / wear easily compared to cotton (so you need to more careful with bamboo)

Perhaps buy cotton for your kids heading off to university dorm and bamboo for the empty nesters (then again... :)

 Light weight comforter

Lightweight Wool Comforter

For those who like the feel of something on them as they sleep but not as thin as a blanket

 tencel mattress pad

Tencel Mattress Pad

Tencel naturally absorbs moisture, carrying it away from the skin and cooling you down 

 Wool Pillow

Wool Pillow

Wool is a spectacular temperature regulator.

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