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Best selling Bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo Bedding Set - Charcoal Grey
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Why should you consider Bamboo bed sheets? Bamboo feels like silken cashmere next to the skin, will wick moisture at twice the rate of conventional cotton, and quick to dry. 

Bamboo bed sheets are ubiquitous on the market - ours are different in that they meet Oeko-tex certifications which have an environmental focus, considering the manufacturing process of transforming bamboo grass into textiles, the chemicals used, to whether the textiles were dyed using a closed loop water conservation process.

Bamboo bed sheets are made in China where bamboo grass naturally grows and from altitudes that don't impact animals like pandas who rely on bamboo as a source of food. In addition to the Oeko-tex certification, the majority of our bamboo bed sheets have been certified organic by USDA. More on certifications and bamboo manufacturing process.

Bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo bed sheets

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