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Top customer questions about our Organic Bedding

Wrinkle-free sheets are nice to sleep between, but they're usually covered with a formaldehyde finish that doesn't wash out. Reported reactions include respiratory problems, headaches, and rashes due to continuous exposure to chemically treated sheets.

  • What is the difference between percale, sateen, and flannel? Learn more
  • Are your 100% cotton pillowcases untreated and resin-free? They are made of 100% organic cotton. The white is achieved using hydrogen peroxide as opposed to bleach and any colours use low impact dyes.
  • Are they no-iron or do they need ironing to stay smooth? Typically for no-iron or wrinkle free, clothing manufacturers include chemicals and/or nanotechnology. Our items do not contain these - care instructions include air dry or hang to dry. Iron as required.
  • What thread-count are they? Our range is from 250 to 325tc; the latter is at the upper end of "organic" thread count. Keep in mind, since these are organic fabrics (no chemicals to break down fibers over a period of time), the thread count doesn't have to be high. 300tc organic is equivalent to 600tc of a conventional fabric. You couldn't tell the difference on a hand feel test.
  • Will My Comforter Fit Into A Duvet? Comforters usually have larger dimensions than the duvet covers itself. Read more.

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