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Best side sleeper options - pillow and mattress toppers


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Why we consider these as our best options for Side Sleepers

natural wool topper

Natural Wool Topper

This topper provides a softer surface for the shoulder and hip to sink into and encourage proper spinal alignment

Add height to your existing or new mattress

AKA pillowtop

 natural shredded rubber pillow

Natural Shredded Rubber Pillow

Can be molded to fit your neck

Considered 'medium' in terms of firmness - similar to a down feather pillow

Zipper version allows you to remove / add shredded rubber to personalize height and comfort

body pillow

Body Pillow

Props up your arms and knees to encourage right shoulder and hip alignment

body pillow

The Side Sleeper's Pillow

Prop up your arm as well as your head, reducing not only neck strain but shoulder sag
Machine Washable 

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