We want to live more naturally, without exposure to everyday carcinogens.

Join us as we research and source healthier and sustainably made products for the home.


Plastic and Zero Waste Packaging

We are committed to plastic reduction and working towards zero waste practices.
You won’t find bubbles, airbags or fillers in with our products when you open your order. We have consciously chosen not to wrap our products in plastic, thereby saving a substantial amount of plastic consumables from the planet’s waste stream.
Plastic is forever - every plastic ever made still exists; it will not go away. 
Where possible, we re-use clean envelopes, mailers and packaging from scent free sources to get maximize use prior to ending up in landfill. 
We hope you can appreciate this choice although it is not the norm.
This doesn’t mean your order isn’t securely packaged and sent. We make sure that your order is sent in well packaged, sturdy boxes, with all seams sealed tight.
Learn more at Plastic Pollution
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