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Top Organic pillow related Questions asked by our Customers

What's with the rubber smell?
I feel that the pillow loft is too high
Is the Shredded rubber pillow lumpy?

Question (applicable to any of our rubber pillows and mattresses):
I've noticed a rubber smell off the pillows over the past week ...is that normal?  Will it go away?

The smell is the natural smell of rubber, its not the bad volatile organic compounds type
  • It will disappear over the next few weeks
  • Try and air out the room if possible to help expedite it

Question (applies to any of our shredded rubber pillows)
I feel that the pillow loft is too high ...

Its common for brand new pillows to be 'higher' loft - we suggest that you keep the pillow underneath your mattress to help compress the shredded rubber more to your liking - try that for a few days and see how it feels - we've had customers who've done it upto 3 weeks to get it to a level they are comfortable with.

Is the Shredded rubber pillow lumpy?
Wouldn't describe it as lumpy - against your face its slightly non-uniform but comfortable. Its malleable yet supportive, so conforms nicely to your face as you sleep.
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