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Healthy Home Consultation

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Healthy Home Consultation


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If you are ready to create a healthier home, but are feeling overwhelmed at where to start, this consultation is for you!

Our Subject Matter Expert professional consults in the healthy home space and leverages her background as an environmental engineer and a mom extensively.


This consultation will help you save time, money, and stress as you make healthier changes at home:

In this phone or video conversation, you will get:
- A clear picture of your health goals as they relate to toxics in your home (i.e. trying to conceive, asthma, allergies, hormone disruptors, babies and children, etc.).
- A clear understanding of how your home may be impacting your health (based on science, not hype).
- Specific recommendations to help you make progress towards your health goals that fit with your lifestyle and budget.
- A follow-up Action Plan with practical next steps, along with additional resources to help save you more time and money.

The specifics you discuss will depend on your individual goals, but may include body care and cleaners, furniture, kitchenwares, food prep and storage, housekeeping strategies, and air and water quality.

More about our Subject Matter Expert:

She was recruited by the David Suzuki program to join its ‘Queen of Green’ coaching program
She's led dozens of workshops and helped many clients create greener homes and businesses including but not limited to:

  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine as a guest lecturer on environmental health and its impact on reproduction and fertility.
  • Eco Baby Certification Course for doulas with Bebo Mia.
  • EcoParent Magazine Section Editor and contributor.
  • Green Moms Collective contributor.
  • Think Dirty as a Clean Beauty Champion.
  • CertClean as a judge for their 2017 Clean Beauty Awards.
  • Wear the Change Movement interviewee alongside industry experts like Adria Vasil.
  • Big Carrot Lecture Series and Women’s Healthy Environment Network guest speaker.

Home visits are available upon request within Greater Toronto Area.

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