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PEVA Shower Curtain - Moroccan

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PEVA Shower Curtain - Moroccan


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PEVA Shower Curtain - Moroccan PEVA Shower Curtain - Moroccan PEVA Shower Curtain - Moroccan
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PEVA stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate. Don't be scared! Just because the name vinyl is present, there is no need to panic. PEVA is a non-chlorine, PVC-free, biodegradable material used mostly as a PVC alternative in toy products, baby bibs and shower curtains.

Compared to other environmentally-friendly curtain choices, PEVA shower curtains are very affordable. These curtains are also very easy to clean and are extremely light.

Note: While there might be many benefits of PEVA, it's a petrochemical product and contains untested chemicals. However, it's the right step in an attempt to replace PVC and provide a green polymer alternative.

Rod, hooks nor happy model not included.

Dimensions: 72" x 70"

Designed in USA, Made in Taiwan

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