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Press Release Aug 2008





“Empowering You To Change Your World” With Organic Lifestyle



August 11, 2008, Toronto ON – Organic Lifestyle isa high-end boutique located in Toronto’s Hazelton Lanes [we have since moved] that specializes in eco-friendly, non-toxic and functional options for the home and every day. The variety of quality products available caters to families, as well as men and women of all ages. Essentially, anyone looking for eco conscious options or quality, well-made products will be accommodated.


One of Canada’s largest eco-friendly retailers, Whole Foods, is also located in Hazelton Lanes, however Organic Lifestyle prides itself on carrying products that are unique to that area. In fact the two stores compliment each other nicely, as one is focused on products to put inside your body, and the other on products for the body. Both target the same group of consumers, and as a result share a large number of clientele.


The most popular items sold at Organic Lifestyle are mattresses, linens and towels. You can find everything you need to create a stylish, organic bedroom. They also carry a variety of clothing – for children, as well as everyday basics, undergarments and more.All products are fair trade, natural, sustainable or organic.



Owner Dihan Chandra has a great deal of expertise when it comes to making sure that products meet certain “green” standards. With the rise of eco-conscious consumerism, Chandra realizes the importance of carrying certified products, and he often informs customers on the difference between conventional goods and those made ethically and organically. “It is very important to me that my supply chain is completely transparent”, states Chandra, “this way I can feel good about where the products come from, and I can pass that information on to my customers, who are genuinely interested and willing to spend more on a product that aligns with their core values”.



Although the store specializes in “green” products, Chandra finds that his clientele are not just people looking for eco conscious choices. About half of his customers simply enjoy the natural feel of the fabrics, and are looking for quality, well-made products. Chandra sees this is an excellent learning opportunity to empower people to change their way of living.



Organic Lifestyle is a serious business that advocates a greener lifestyle. The staff is very knowledgeable and armed to answer any questions that consumers have. If they don’t carry a specific product, they will source it. In the face of much “green-washing” consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to determine just what is good for the environment. Shopping at Organic Lifestyle removes the confusion and provides a convenient environment for consumers who are looking to put their dollar where their heart is – for the planet and for the people.



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