We want to live more naturally, without exposure to everyday carcinogens.

Join us as we research and source healthier and sustainably made products for the home.


Why choose Organic Lifestyle?

  • We stand by our products and offer 30 day Return Policy for products sold over the internet. We even pay for return shipping within Canada.
  • We directly source from organizations we've met personally and believe they are ethical and socially responsible.
  • Since 2006, we've worked with customers such as yourself to provide solutions to help reduce your exposure to pervasive toxic chemicals. We have in-depth knowledge about the issues and our product line is proven.


  • As a small business, our primary means of marketing is word of mouth. Based on your feedback, we continue to grow our product line and always welcome suggestions.
  • We believe in our philosophy and live an organic lifestyle as much as possible - its not always easy. Thus, we source exclusive everyday essentials and do our utmost to provide exceptional quality at fair prices.
Organic Lifestyle - a better way to live
About Organic Lifestyle
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