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Organic Lifestyle & Ecoexistence end their 5 year partnership as of June 13 2014

 We're 100% online store with warehouses in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and California, USA
 Prior to that we had pop-up locations within Chartreuse Style, Ecoexistence and Liloo
Ode to Ecoexistence

It was 2009 and we were 6 months into a recession.

Organic Lifestyle was based in Yorkville's Hazelton lanes, just above the Whole Foods in Toronto.

Our lease was up for renewal and we were experiencing 50% drop in revenue, making it unsustainable to maintain high rent and salaries. Decision was made to not to renew and move completely online.

I sent out a enewsletter informing of our plan when one of our customers introduced me to Kym Klopp, who had just launched her own Eco store called Ecoexistence.

That was 5 years ago.

The idea was to direct our customers to a physical location to try our organic mattresses, pillows and linens.

Over the years, Ecoexistence turned out to be a partner, far exceeding my expectations.

I wish Kym and her team at Ecoexistence all the best as we part ways.

Dihan Chandra Organic Lifestyle

Dihan, Organic Lifestyle.

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