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Customizable Natural Foam Rubber Mattress (Made And Shipped Within USA)

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Customizable Natural Foam Rubber mattress (Made and shipped within USA)


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Customizable Natural Foam Rubber Mattress (Made And Shipped Within USA) Customizable Natural Foam Rubber Mattress (Made And Shipped Within USA)
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There are alot of mattress options on the market and we understand making a decision can be daunting especially given the price point.  

These mattresses are handmade in New Mexico, USA for over the past decade by a family run business who is sincere about providing a high quality, independently tested, certified organic product.

  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified natural foam rubber from Sri Lanka
  • Premium Eco wool from California
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton from Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative

Why this Natural Foam Rubber mattress?

  • NO Flame retardant chemicals
  • Uses Natural wool instead (which is a natural flame retardant) sewn into the double quilted organic cotton outer casing (and meets US and Canadian safety standards around fire retardancy)
  • PBDE free
  • Polyester free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • NOT a blend of polyurethane and soy nor pre-processed latex with VOCs removed by some unknown procedure
  • Conventional mattresses typically use cheaper components to offer you something "green" but doesn't mean that its not going to off-gas

Mattress details

  • Natural Foam rubber core, available in 6" or 9" depth, is sourced and processed using the more environmentally process referred to as the Dunlop process
  • The rubber core is encased in double quilted organic cotton outer casing
  • Little to no movement is transmitted from one sleeper to the next
  • Mattress can be used on both sides for longivety

Mattress depth:

  • 6" mattress MEDIUM - single layer of 6" latex, considered Medium firmness  (ILD = 75), supporting total weight upto 150 lbs
  • 9" mattress MEDIUM - three separate 3" layers of latex; 3 different firmness layers for ultimate comfort - soft on the top, medium firmness in the middle, firmest on the bottom
  • 9" mattress CUSTOM
    • Ideal if you and your partner don't have the same mattress firmness preference :)
    • Three separate 3" layers of latex: soft on top, customizable middle layer, firmest on the bottom
    • Customizable middle layer: One side can be MEDIUM and the other side could be FIRM - ie., Left side could be Soft, Medium, Firm and Right side could be Soft, Firm, Firm
    • Specify your preference in 'Customer Notes' as you checkout - we will followup with a quote for customization


Premium Eco wool:

  • Sourced from California, USA from farmers who practice sustainable farming
  • Contains no dyes, chemicals or synthetic fill
  • Doesn't go through a carbonization process
  • Involves no sheep dipping
  • Is produced in a facility working towards organic certification

Foam Rubber is hypoallergenic (so if you're prone to allergies, we highly recommend this mattress) and naturally resistant to:

  • Dustmites
  • Moisture and mold build up
  • Antibacterial

Their main difference compared to competitors is that each mattress is handmade and supports American organic farms in Texas, South Dakota and California.


Twin (aka Single) 39" x 75" x 6" or 9"

Full (aka Double) 54" x 75" x 6" or 9"

Queen 60" x 80" x 6" or 9"

King 76" x 80" x 6" or 9"

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