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Indentation Force Deflection ILD Chart for Rubber Latex

So you are curious about ILD ....

The most important things to consider:

Match the ILD to the material - Rubber (Latex), Polyurethane Foam, Memory Foam are 3 different types of materials, they would have much different reading of ILD.


  • Temperpedic mattress (I'm not sure but I think its made of Polyurethane Foam?) is 14 - 15 ILD
  • Essentia (proprietary Memory foam) is between 10 - 16 ILD
  • Organic Lifestyle (Rubber) extra firm mattress is 85 ILD

We have provided the ILD for our rubber foam (latex) based pillows, toppers and mattresses on their respective product descriptions.

General ILD chart for Rubber Latex:

 ILD for rubber (latex)Organic Lifestyle Products
Very Soft40Contour & solid rubber foam pillow (Which you need for a human head)
Soft60Mattress Foam rubber Topper option available
Medium75Rubber mattress option available
Firm85Rubber mattress option available
Extra firm95 

What is ILD?

  • ILD/IFD, which are interchangable terms for the ability of a foam to push back against force. (The letters stand for Impression Load Deflection/Impression Force Deflection, in case you were curious.)
  • ILD is measured by taking a disc and pressing into the foam. The more strength the foam has to push the disc back up is its ILD, which is stated as a number value. The higher the number, the stronger the push, so a 30 ILD is stronger than a 15 ILD
  • ILD determines how easily a foam will shape to your body and how much support it is capable of giving. Very low ILD foams are wonderfully cushy on the body, but provide very little support

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