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Organic Mattress Comparison Chart

We have different certified organic mattress options based on our customer's needs but deciding which option can be difficult.

We hope this presents the important factors that you need to take into account to make an informed decision on what's important to you - potential allergy concerns, waterproofing vs exposure to plastic and/or price.

 Naturepedic's Waterproof 2in1 Ultra adult / crib mattressNaturepedic's Quilted Innerspring Adult / Crib MattressOrganic Lifestyle's Crib Innerspring Mattress - essential, premium versionOrganic Lifestyle's Crib rubber latex mattress
POSITIONINGBuilt-in options for bed wettersGood for bunk bed; No latex rubber or woolOur highest quality innerspring; Made in CanadaMade in Canada, non-innerspring alternative, dustmite resistant (hypoallergenic)
Outer SurfaceTop Side:
Organic Cotton Fabric with Clear Food Grade Polyethylene Coating

Bottom Side:
Quilted Organic 
Cotton Fabric

2 sided version -

Organic Cotton Quilted Fabric all around.

1 sided version -

Top: Organic Cotton Quilted Fabric

Bottom: Just a flat surface, it's not meant to be slept on and the mattress cannot be flipped

Quilted Organic 
Cotton Fabric
Quilted Organic 
Cotton Fabric
Non-Toxic Fire Protectionbaking soda and hydrated silica bonded to cellulose fiberbaking soda and hydrated silica bonded to cellulose fiberOrganic Wool acts as a natural fire retardantOrganic Wool acts as a natural fire retardant
Medium Firm SupportInnerspring coilsInnerspring coilsInnerspring coilsNatural rubber core
Slat Foundation AvailableYesYesYesYes
Waterproof?Yes, waterproof on one side.No, Requires Add-Ons like mattress padsNo, Requires Add-Ons like mattress padsNo, Requires Add-Ons like mattress pads
Contains PlasticYes, Food Grade Plastic that provides waterproofingNoneNoneNone
Dust Mite Safe?Yes, contains barrier cover on Top and Side.NoNoYes, as Natural Rubber isn't a good food source for dust-mites.
Latex / Rubber Allergy ConcernsNo RubberNo RubberNo RubberIndirect Rubber exposure
Wool Allergy ConcernsNo WoolNo WoolContains Wool Indirect Wool exposure
Vinyl / PVC ConcernsNoneNoneNoneNone
Polyurethane Foam ConcernsNoNoNoNo
Electromagnetic ConcernsContains metal coilsContains metal coilsContains metal coilsNone
Toxic Chemicals exposure
(phthalates, biocides, PBDEs, pesticides etc.)
Country of Manufacture (affects shipping)USAUSACanadaCanada
Warranty20 year20 year10 year10 year

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