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Organic Nursing Pillow

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Organic Nursing Pillow


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Organic Nursing Pillow Organic Nursing Pillow Organic Nursing Pillow Organic Nursing Pillow
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This nursing pillow is a new mother must-have!

A natural alternative to the well known "Boppy," this is a very popular pillow made for new moms who nurse their babies.

The all natural Nursing Pillow lifts your baby closer to your breast for a more comfortable nursing experience for both of you.

  • This pillow also relieves pressure from your arm and legs while you are feeding your baby.
  • When your baby gets older, the pillow is also useful as a prop to support and sit her up.

Photo credit: The Handmaid's Tale Look for this organic nursing pillow on TV! The Handmaid's Tale S2E4 (It's shot in Toronto!!)


Wash this product occasionally, per the instructions provided.

Better still, we recommend the separate washable zippered Nursing Pillow Cover as an extra layer for the accidents, spills, and oopsies that can and do happen (see Related Products for details below)


19" x 23"


  • Sourced from the USA from farmers who practice sustainable farming
  • Contains no dyes, chemicals or synthetic Fill
  • Doesn't go through a carbonization process
  • No sheep dipping involved
  • Produced in a facility working towards organic certification. More details
  • Handmade in the USA by a 14 person manufacturing business based in Washington, USA. They use sustainable practices (like 100% zero waste of manufactured byproducts) and permaculture principles (e.g. anything that is too small to use is composted using a vermiculture system - worms!)
  • All products are made in a chemical & scent free facility
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