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Organic Cotton Comforter

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Organic Cotton Comforter


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Organic Cotton Comforter Organic Cotton Comforter Organic Cotton Comforter Organic Cotton Comforter
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Organic Cotton Comforters strike the best compromise between weight and warmth.

  • Organic Cotton Comforters are cool-weather bedding, great for spring and fall or for people who sleep hot.
  • The cotton is substantial enough to provide a satisfying feeling of security and comfort, but breathable so it doesn't trap too much body heat.

Ideal for: If you find down feather or wool simply too hot and like the weight that comes with a nice hug as you sleep. 


Twin: 68" X 86" weight ~3.6lbs

Full/Queen: 86" X 86" ~4.5lbs

King: 100" X 86" ~5.2lbs

Organic cotton manufacturing process

  • Thick layers of 100% USDA certified organic, American grown long fiber cotton batting are stacked high and then hand-tufted into a 100% USDA certified organic cotton sateen case for superior quality and longevity.
  • The organic cotton batting is grown by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, a small Texas-based growing coop and is 100% USDA certified organic long-fiber cotton. 
  • Why Long-fiber cotton? It uses the staple and the motes and none of the cheaper linter. This assures that you are getting the highest quality and longest lasting product possible.

Care Instructions

Do not wash the comforters but instead protect your comforter with a duvet cover and wash that instead. 

Made in USA

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