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Natural Wool Changing Table Pad

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Natural Wool Changing Table Pad


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Natural Wool Changing Table Pad Natural Wool Changing Table Pad Natural Wool Changing Table Pad
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Skip the vinyl or plastic changing table pads!

Just like the crib, the changing table is a place where your baby spends a significant amount of time. Be sure you are laying them down on something safe; something better.

This changing table pad features:

  • A contoured surface to keep baby safe in the centre
  • An organic cotton sateen twill (grown, woven in India, milled in USA)
  • 100% Premium Eco Wool wool batting
  • Dimensions: 17.5" x 35" x 2" (1.8 lbs wool)

Machine washable with special care instructions provided (Note: we do not accept returns of our wool bedding after it's washed)

Highly recommended: To protect the changing pad from spills, use organic cotton mattress pad as first layer, organic wool moisture pad as second layer, both on top of the changing pad. The wool pad will cause any water from accidents to bead on top of it while protecting the changing pad. The cotton mattress pad, closest to the baby and on top of the wool pad, will absorb the excess water. Together, they reduce the need for plastic mattress protectors and reduce exposure to petrochemical-based products that can give off VOCs. You can machine wash the organic cotton pad and hand wash the wool pad as required. Read about more organic waterproofing options


  • Sourced from the USA from farmers who practice sustainable farming
  • contains no dyes, chemicals or synthetic fill
  • Does not go through a carbonization process
  • Involves no sheep dipping
  • Is produced in a facility that is working towards organic certification. More details
  • Handmade in the USA by a 14 person manufacturing business based in Washington, USA. They use sustainable practices (like 100% zero waste of manufactured by-products) and permaculture principles (eg., anything that is too small to use is composted using a vermiculture system - worms!)
  • All products are made in a chemical & scent-free facility
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