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Ambassador Program for Influencers

You are here cause you believe buying organic will have a significant long term impact on your overall health and wellness.

We'd like to offer you an exclusive discount to try out our products - Contact us for your discount

If you like it, simply Spread the Love to your clients (we can help with gift cards and educational brochures)

Below is a list of "Ambassador" types we've successfully helped to provide additional value by connecting their clients to products they need:

  • Health and Wellness practioners with clinics (Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Doulas, Mid-wives)
  • Like minded business (organic food delivery, organic clothing manufacturer, yoga studios)
  • Eco conscious Interior Designers
  • Organic Spas
  • LEED certified green architects
  • Green Wedding Planners
  • Media - eg., Bloggers on 3+ Pagerank websites


Ready to get started?


1. Just let us know why you'd like to be our Ambassador - Contact us
2. If you have a website, consider starting with our Affiliate Program


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