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Best natural pillow for toddlers


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Why we consider these to be the best pillows for toddlers

natural wool pillow

Natural Wool Pillow

Children can often overheat at night, resulting in damp conditions that support eczema

Fight these conditions with a wool pillow that absorbs moisture away from the body

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dust mite allergy pillow

Shredded Rubber Pillow

Dust mites can often affect a young child whose immune system is not yet built to the strength of an adult

If your child suffers from dust mite sensitivity, consider a natural rubber shredded pillow which naturally creates an inhospitable environment for dust mites. Also, our shredded pillow is washable- ideal for toddlers

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washable pla pillow 

 Washable PLA Pillow

PLA, a fiber derived from plant resources, performs extremely well in the wash and is therefore offered as an alternative to organic cotton

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