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Untreated Solid Wood Bed Frame - Dark Bamboo

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Untreated Solid Wood Bed Frame - Dark Bamboo

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Untreated Solid Wood Bed Frame - Dark Bamboo Untreated Solid Wood Bed Frame - Dark Bamboo Untreated Solid Wood Bed Frame - Dark Bamboo
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Complete your organic bedroom with a dark bamboo wood bed frame made with a natural wood finish. These bedframes are handcrafted in New Mexico using only the finest and simplest materials:

1. Wood

The bamboo is grown in China and imported to New Mexico, USA where its pieces are assembled by hand.

2. Slats

Often times, conventional beds use laminated slats to support the mattress. The lamination used to the seal the wood can contain harmful toxic chemicals. On the contrary, our slats are made with poplar woodnever treated with a laminate. 

  • Each wooden slat is 2" thick and is 3" apart from the next slat. Natural rubber mattresses require a maximum 2.75" space between each supporting wood slat to properly support it- we advise you purchase an extra set of poplar sets if you sleep on a natural rubber mattress.

3. Finish

Select 'Untreated' or

'Treated' - i.e., to finish the wood, we use Tried and True Danish oil.

This oil finish:

  • Requires no chemical dryers
  • Beautifully exposes the grain of the wood
  • NO petroleum solvent thinners
  • NO metallic driers
  • NO VOCs
  • FDA approved for food contact

Odour - since Tried and True Danish oil is based in linseed oil (derived from the seeds of the flax plant), there will be a low odour initially that will dissipate quickly.

But is it safe? 

"According to their MSDS, HMIS health rating is 1, which is low. Exposure limit is none. Can’t get any better than that!" according to toxic exposure consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd

4. Assembly

The typical height for the bed frame (from the ground to base of the mattress frame) is 11.5"

There are no glue ledgers used to assemble our beds. The pieces are fastened using metal hardware, to avoid the use of toxic glues or chemical fasteners.

These four elements come together to form a superior bed frame- ideal for those with chemical sensitivites to toxic glues, laminates, and finishes often found in conventional bed frames. 

Superior form, superior function, superior strength.


  • Need underbead storage space? Consider adding a set of underbed drawers, such as the ones seen here. These drawers have a maple/oak front and sides and a poplar backing. They have 4 wheels that allow them to roll smoothly under any of our bed frames. Great for kids bedrooms! 2 in a set.

Warranty, Care and Assembly Instructions for Bedframe

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