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Natural Pillow care instructions

General care instructions (applicable to all pillows we carry):

  • To keep the pillow clean, cover it with a pillowcase
  • If your pillow has a built-in organic cotton canvas cover that can be removed, then wash cover (not pillow) in lukewarm water and hang to dry.
  • Air pillow seasonally (ensure its in indirect sunlight)
  • To eliminate odours, sprinkle it with baking soda
  • To increase pillow loft, put the pillow in the dryer with two new tennis balls. Set the Dryer to air or coolest setting possible. Start with 10 minute cycle.
Received Replacement Rubber filling to increase loft? 
  • This is applicable to only Contour Foam Rubber Latex Pillow
  • We recommend shaking all the fill to the opposite end of the pillow away from the zipper
  • Put the pillow in a box to keep it upright and from tipping over, Tall laundry baskets work well
  • Cut the corner of the replacement filling bag
  • Open the zipper only about 4-5 inches
  • Pour the filling into the zipper opening
Instructions specific to the type of material contained within the pillowCare Instructions
Natural WoolDo not wash. Spot Clean as needed.
Natural Rubber Foam Latex - Solid or ContourCore is not washable - Do not wash. Spot Clean as needed.
Natural Rubber Foam Latex - ShreddedBoth shredded core and cover can be washed. Hang to dry
Organic CottonDo not wash. Spot Clean as needed.

Do not wash. Spot Clean as needed. 

Kapok can clump up but generally does not. If it does, it's easy to fix the problem - All you have to do is open the zipper and separate clumps by hand. Then to fluff up the pillow, put it in the dryer for 20 minutes on hot and shake it out after that. You may need to repeat this in the future if the kapok clumps together again.

BuckwheatDo not wash. Spot Clean as needed.
PLAEvery washer and dryer are different, but if the instructions are followed, both shredded core and cover are washable. We recommend fluffing it a few times manually to help distribute the filling and insure more even drying during the dryer cycle.
Else lumps are likely as a result if you're not getting the pillow thoroughly dry. Hang to dry.

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