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Wool Dryer Balls - Fabric Dryer Sheet Alternative

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Wool Dryer Balls - Fabric dryer sheet alternative


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Wool Dryer Balls - Fabric Dryer Sheet Alternative Wool Dryer Balls - Fabric Dryer Sheet Alternative Wool Dryer Balls - Fabric Dryer Sheet Alternative Wool Dryer Balls - Fabric Dryer Sheet Alternative
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Hand made in Canada, these Dryer balls will save you time and money!

The balls bounce around creating air circulation between your clothing. The result is softer clothes that dried faster with less wrinkles and static cling

By reducing drying time, they save on electricity and help preserve the lifespan of your clothing

Saves you more money by eliminating the need for dryer sheets and fabric softener

We love them 'cause these Natural Wood dryer balls are a natural alternative to Chemical dryer sheets that work by coating the fabric fibres with toxic chemicals that build up over time

Wool dryer Balls work to reduce static cling by absorbing moisture from clothing in the dryer, maintaining a more humid environment and, therefore, cutting down on static build up. However they will not eliminate static cling completely, especially when clothing is over dried for example in a dryer without a moisture sensor. How to Naturally Get Rid of Static Cling

While using 3 dryer balls is great, 6 balls dry large loads even faster

Available as Set of 3 or 25 wool balls

No chemicals, perfumes or dyes are used to make them

Each ball is hand made in Canada and not dyed:

  • White - 100% Merino Wool
  • Grey - 100% Corriedale wool (mix of Brown and White)
  • Brown - 100% Polworth wool

The colour does not affect the performance in any way and will not transfer to the clothes as it is the sheep's natural colour


We state 500 loads but the truth is they likely last for 1000+

"I am still using the same 4 balls we first bought! - they aren't as white but still work and are soft" (Update: The packaging says 100+, but we've tested them beyond when packaging was created!)


  • Wool balls make great pet toys (especially compared to those toxic tennis balls), your dog (and possibly your cat) will thank you
  • Wool is biodegradable - Plant them in the garden where they decompose, releasing valuable nutrients

Simply store them next to or inside your dryer for convenience


Sourced directly from cruelty free wool cooperatives in South America, Spain and Portugal (depending on the colour) where all the processing of the wool is done locally, meaning the wool has a minimal carbon footprint.  The wool is sourced from farms that never practise muleing (a cruel process used in warm areas like Australia), sheep are never treated with insecticides (including sheep dips) or harsh chemicals and live free range in the cooler Patagonian foot hills in South America.


The idea for safer non toxic laundry began when her 8 month old son developed full body hives after doing laundry at a public laundromat. After extensive research regarding the hazards of laundry chemicals and the consumption of unnecessary chemicals in our everyday life, pure Wool Dryer Balls was launched after much experimentation

The washing and combing of the sheared wool, two processes are needed:

1) A detergent is used to clean the wool

2) A natural conditioner is applied to detangle the wool during the combing to turn it into roving.

3) Collected rain water from a natural reservoir is used for washing and any waste water is treated naturally in holding ponds

4) The felting process is done in Ontario, Canada, where the wool is washed using unscented Forever New, a PH balanced gentle fabric wash, to remove residual lanolin in the wool (which can be an allergen for some people)

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