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Neck Roll Pillow - Buckwheat Hull

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Neck Roll Pillow - Buckwheat Hull


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The creator of these buckwheat hull pillows is a migraine sufferer who found that her buckwheat travel pillow provided great migraine relief. She couldn't find a full sized bed pillow made of buckwheat hulls anywhere...so she decided to produce her own! Fourteen years later, this Canadian company is still going strong.

Buckwheat hull pillows are ideal for migraine sufferers because they allow you to instinctually customize support for your neck, head and spinal alignment and decrease pressure on sensitive areas, allowing for proper flow.

This is crucial to helping reduce frequency, intensity and duration of migraine headaches.

Not just for migraines, these pillows can provide significant support to the sides and back of the neck while reading or watching television.

This neck roll buckwheat pillow is:

  • Naturally dust mite resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No zippers but just the right amount of buckwheat inside (Generously sized)
  • Includes double layered cotton envelope pillowcase (snug yet removeable, machine wash cold and hang to dry if required)


Neck Roll Size: 9" x 12" with Diameter of 18"


  • Handmade in Canada using Eco-cert Canada certified organic buckwheat grown in Canada
  • Unbleached cotton pillowcase produced by farms working toward organic certification
  • Our certified organic buckwheat hulls are crack milled. This process retains the cup shape of each hull to hold their spring-like integrity = substantial amount of support and comfort
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