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Bamboo Unisex Bathrobes - Charcoal

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Bamboo Unisex Bathrobes - Charcoal


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This soft and highly absorbent Unisex bamboo bath robe in charcoal made of a sturdy, tear-resistant blend of 100% viscose from organic bamboo at 600g/sq meter is sure to last for years of showering and pampering, or just being comfortable around the house!

The luxurious feel of the charcoal bath robe (also used as a house coat and for spa treatments) is the perfect addition to the eco-friendly home.  The breathable qualities of bamboo means you will be quickly dry yet neither sweaty or too cold.  It is isn't heavy and bulky when wearing it, which makes it versatile for all seasons and uses.

No dyes!
Bamboo charcoal is made by heating bamboo fibres at high temperatures of 800-1000 degrees celsius. Once the bamboo has been turned into charcoal it is processed into nanoparticles, which in turn are blended with organic bamboo fibers and finally spun into our very unique bamboo charcoal yarn.

These bamboo items are sourced by a Canadian looking to combine her passion of eco-sustainability, languages and passion for change. Her ability to speak Mandarin and having lived in China for over 10 years allowed her to establish significant relationships with members of the bamboo industry. This helps her make sure products meet the highest quality labour and organic certifications.

Why consider these bamboo items over others in the market?

- its 100% Organic (and not blended), thus safe for you and better for the planet.
- made from the best quality of bamboo fibers (60s x 60s)  = luxurious silky feel
- We can back up our certifications, can others make the same claim?

Oeko-Tex 100 certified


Made in China for two major reasons. First, the Chinese have a lot of experinece growing the best quality bamboo. Second, the natural resources used to make this bathrobe is located in China (as of now, no other countries produce fibers made from cellulose of bamboo). In order to keep our supply chain short and eco-efficient, we've decide to handle the whole manufacturing process in China.

Body Length:

Small is 120 cm or 47"
Medium is 126 cm or 49"
Large is 130 cm or 51"

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