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What makes our bedding Organic?

Our Linen Collection is made from pure organic cotton which is not exposed to pesticides:

  • We work with farmers in India who use natural, time-tested agricultural methodologies to mitigate pests -- cotton and pepper crops are grown together, since pepper acts as a natural pest deterrent.
  • Cotton is then hand picked by the farmers, who are paid fair wages for it.
  • The entire process is monitored by Netherlands based SKAL certifying authority or GOTS to validate that the products meets organic standards.
  • We use low impact dyes and manufacture the cotton into fabric using environmentally friendly procedures such as Oeko-tex and ISO 14000.

Sizing guide

Twin Fitted - 39" x 75"x 15" deep
Twin XL - 39" x 80" x 15" deep
Twin Flat - 66" x 106"
Double Fitted - 54"x75"x15" deep 
Double/Queen Flat - 90"x106
Queen Fitted -60"x80"x15" deep
King Fitted - 78"x80"x15" deep
King Flat - 108"x106"

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