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Natural Mold Bacteria Fungal Disinfectant

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Natural Mold Bacteria Fungal Disinfectant


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Benefect Botanical Disinfectant is approved by Health Canada and EPA to remove 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and fungal spores, naturally.

Consider this natural disinfectant as an alternative to chlorine, ammonia & oxidizers which isn't corrosive, flammable or reactive nor does it pose a public health risk.

No Warning Labels or First Aid Statements - It's considered so safe that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as rubber gloves, boots, aprons, respirators or face shields to protect yourself from the product aren't required.

  • Made with all-natural thyme oil, which is safe for use on children's toys and around the home 
  • Can be used around the home without off-gassing VOCs or toxic chemicals
  • No wiping required! This saves costly labor & time allowing you to do the job faster by saving a whole labor step 
  • It is also suitable for use around children, pets, the elderly and chemically-sensitive individuals. Worry less about chemical contamination, overspray & evacuating building occupants
  • Benefect is a trusted natural solution to flood and water damage by restoration professionals
  • EcoLogo CCD-166 certified to be readily biodegradable with no aquatic toxicity

Why are we suggesting this product?

Disinfectants in the home are being overused and are affecting our health. They commonly include quaternary ammonium compounds (also known as quats). Studies show these may be hormone disruptors and can trigger asthma and allergies. While they are very effective at killing germs, they also kill off good bacteria that support a healthy home. And with increased use of disinfectants and antibacterials, antibiotic-resistant bacteria ("super bugs") are becoming an increasing concern. In fact, one common disinfectant ingredient, triclosan, has now been banned for use in handwashes by the US EPA as the manufacturer could not demonstrate that it was any more effective than soap and water at reducing bacteria, nor that it was safe (it is a hormone disruptor). 

As with most conventional cleaning products, disinfectants may also contain synthetic fragrance, which includes ingredients that do not have to be disclosed but often include hormone disruptors (phthalates), carcinogens, allergens and asthmagens.

From time-to-time, a true disinfectant is necessary. Natural and plant-powered ingredients can be used instead of toxic chemicals. While hydrogen peroxide can be an effective disinfectant, it requires longer contact time than most home uses allow (vinegar even more so, without the same disinfecting success). When more aggressive disinfecting is needed - for bacteria, mold, or fungus, we recommend Benefect. Read more about How to get mold out of the house and how to prevent mold.


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