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Multi Purpose Scrubbing Loofah

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Multi purpose Scrubbing Loofah


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Multi Purpose Scrubbing Loofah Multi Purpose Scrubbing Loofah
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Whole raw loofah.

Wet the Loofah, its texture will change and soften. You will quickly learn how to use it and won't be able to do without it.

Get a Whole loofah and cut the length you desire. 

  • Loofah last 4 months more or less
  • Unfortunately loofah do not grown in Canada. Imported loofahs directly from Egypt without intermediary
  • Our Loofahs have verified as Organic ingredients by OCQV


  • Use it to clean your fruits and vegetables or to wash the dishes
  • It won't scratch stainless steel or teflon


  • Wet the Loofah, its texture will soften
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Eliminates dead skin 
  • Unclogs pores
  • Stimulation circulation
  • Provides light lymphatic drainage
  • Use it alone or with your favorite soap or shower gel

Care instructions

  • No matter how you use it, Loofah can be cleaned in the washing machine and/or dish washer regularly
  • Do not keep in humid areas, else potential for bacterial growth - Store in a dry place
  • Average lifespan is approx 4 months

Scrubbing LoofahProudly made by a family business from Montreal, Quebec whose mission is to offer natural alternatives to traditional products.

Their products are never tested on animals, verified by Rita Steins and Consumer report and are in the process of being certified. 

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