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Wooden Doll Bed For American Girl MapleLea

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Wooden Doll Bed for American Girl MapleLea


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Wooden Doll Bed For American Girl MapleLea Wooden Doll Bed For American Girl MapleLea
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Indulge your children as they practice their nurturing skills as they tuck their dolls into bed

Handmade doll bed is perfectly sized for both American Girl Dolls and MapleLea Dolls


  • This sturdy, elegant doll bed, is designed with a rope mattress for extra spring
  • Add a standard sized pillow as a mattress and our wood Doll Bed is ready for all your dolls
  • Our Doll Bed is long enough to fit both the American Girl and MapleLea Girls dolls
  • Also perfect for your toddler's collection of stuffed animals


64.5 x 40 x 27 cm and weighs 1.56 kg

To be used under adult supervision. Suitable for ages 3-7 years+

  • Unfinished, unpainted and untreated natural wood
  • Made of white pine wood, salvaged from the housing industry
  • Free from the health concerns associated with plastics and harmful paint, varnishes and finishes
  • We love to support this Father & Son business, based out of Waterloo, Ontario who has been doing it over the past 30 years+

Made in CanadaMade in Canada by the Gerrys


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