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Organic Lifestyle

5.0 out of 5 stars
- December 7, 2017

Incredible customer service and great organic products. Appreciate the focus on products made locally in Canada and the U.S.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- December 1, 2017

When I initially ordered a set of playjamas for my son, I was disappointed to find that they didn't fit. When the company learned of the difficulty, they went above and beyond to replace the item and ensure that we were satisfied with the product. Communication was quick and real (no robots or phone trees involved). I can't recommend their customer service enough- or their cozy and cute pajamas!


4.5 out of 5 stars
- November 27, 2017

I appreciated the minimal packaging and information included with the packaging, the information on your website and blog, an the quality of the product that I received - the Mattress Encasement Cover with Tencel. It doesn't squeak or wrinkle, and it was very easy to put on, unlike other mattress encasement covers I have used. Thanks!


5.0 out of 5 stars
- November 19, 2017

"I simply love what OrganicLifestyle. com is doing and thought you'd want to know"


5.0 out of 5 stars
- September 30, 2017

Great service!


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Everything is great! So far we are very pleased with the products and your customer service has been wonderful. You have certainly set your brand apart from others I researched. We will be repeat customers! - Sheila

Everything is great, thank you. I have to say that I'm surprised at how great the customer service is at your organization and how wonderfully you treat your customers. Thank you again for everything! - Marta
Note from Owner: I couldn't make up this feedback even if I wanted to. Thank you to those who took the time and hopes it encourages others to try us out:

Thank you so much for following up and for taking such care in the packaging and adding a personal touch by including a signed card. Will be visiting the store soon! Have a great day. Isabel


Dihan, you're such a gem!! Thank you so, so much. How truly kind and generous of you.

My dear friend, Tiffany, has chemical sensitivityand it's hard for her to find things that she likes that don't make her ill. This is the fourth time I've ordered from Organic Lifestyle and she loooooves everything I've gotten for her. 

I just really appreciate and am very grateful for the quality of such beautiful products that you all supply. Thank you for continuing to make every occasion with Organic Lifestyle pleasurable. 

Thank you again - Tia

Hello again!! I got my sheet set today. They look and feel fabulous and can't wait to sleep in organic bliss.

Thank you so much for starting this company - Marcy, Goulais River, ON

Everything looks great and the mattress is very comfortable. The pillow is also comfortable and my husband cant wait for his king. Thank you! Another great purchase from organic lifestyle - Maddy, Oakville, ON

My husband and I were looking for a mattress made completely of natural, non-toxic materials that would inhibit as much motion transfer as possible. On a bit of a leap of faith, we purchased a king-sized extra-firm rubber mattress and a split slat foundation for it. We loved it immediately. A year later, we still love it. The motion transfer from one sleeper to another is minimal, though the larger size of a king mattress might contribute to this as well. The only downside seems to be that hotel stays are no longer as comfortable as they used to be, by comparison! - Farrah, Orillia, ON

We slept on our new mattress last night and absolutely love it! Lindsay, Yellowknife, NWT

Your online store has been a delight to deal with and you, personally, have been more thoughtful and kind than we could have imagined in this modern impersonal age. A far cry from the anonymity of corporate companies, your personal touch is so very appreciated.

Yes, I got the pillow yesterday! Wow it is so comfortable - my boyfriend slept on it this morning and now he wants one too.

We are so pleased with everything we've purchased from Organic Lifestyle, which at this point is 4 organic cotton pillows, 8 sateen and flannel organic cotton pillowcases and a lovely, soft organic cotton blanket. When our son was chemically poisoned, we had no hope that he would ever be comfortable with safe bedding again. While organic cotton bedding is more expensive than ordinary bedding, it's well worth every penny paid.

My pillow is wonderful. And so nice waking up without a stuffed nose as I was regularly suffering from. I'm slowly affording the change over to organic bedding to compliment my organic diet. It's an expensive process but I'm glad I found you - Lindsay, Carp, ON

Thank you so much for the work you do - SM, Provincetown, Massachusetts


Yours was the first that was neither ridiculously expensive, out of stock, on a broken or dodgy website, or in weird colors. - St.John's, New Brunswick

Oh, goodness! Thank you so much! I am such a complicated client! But, you are the best! I have been spreading the word about your biz to everyone I know. I'll be back for sure! - TD, Los Angeles, California

Thanks for your help. The follow up you did was very good sales and customer service. You guys are on the ball and that's why I am placing the order - JH, Colborne, Ontario

All in all, in a short phrase to summarize my experience with your customer service and products (in particular the wool comforter and water adult mattress pad) - above and beyond our expectation. The wool comforter is a worthy cause of my husband getting to work late because of the lure of the coziness of the wool comforter. LOL - JW, Creston, British Columbia

The mattress is very nice and comfortable and definitely an upgrade in comparison to our older one - MM, Lacey, Washington

I appreciate the professional and honest way you dealt with this. It is very refreshing I look forward to doing business with you in the future - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Everything's amazing :o). The linens are so soft and luxurious - Calgary, Alberta

Thank you very much for the speedy delivery. The mattress is great! - Mississauga, Ontario

The matress arrived safely and fits perfectly, thank you. We need the sheets now!:) CH, Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Thank you Dihan,
the sheets arrived and they are fantastic...
I LOVE them... very soft and the perfect fit !
thank you for all your help,
G - Warren, Rhode Island

Love the sheets, they are the most comfortable set of flannel sheets we've ever had!
Great service too...they arrived the next day - AB

Thank you for the great communication and follow up surrounding this order. I do a lot of ordering for clients and am not used to getting such personalized service. Much appreciated and I look forward to receiving the package - NC, Kelowna, BC

I thought about it and I didn't care how hole-E our sheets were, I just wanted to do what was right and wait.Thanks for being available to Canadians! - JF, Winnipeg, Manitoba

We put the pad and sheets on yesterday. They fit perfectly and we're really pleased with the quality and feel of everything. We're happy customers! JR, Kingston, ON

Delivery was efficient and my toddler loves her new pillow. I may order one for myself now! - TY, Montreal, QC


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