We want to live more naturally, without exposure to everyday carcinogens.

Join us as we research and source healthier and sustainably made products for the home.


Exclusive discount - Sierra Club Canada Foundation

As a Sierra Club Canada Foundation supporter, you understand the importance of Earth-conscious living.

You know it's not simply about what you put into your body or how you exercise, it's about every action you take and the entire environment in which you live and work.

At Organic Lifestyle, we provide  affordable, toxin-free organic products, such as natural pillows, organic cotton bedding, fire-retardant and chemical free mattresses, and much more...

We are a small company with a big activist mind. We recognize strong leadership for real change from groups like Sierra Club Canada Foundation.

And that’s why it gives me great personal pleasure to offer this organic gift with YOU in mind.


Dihan, Organic Lifestyle.


New to organics for the home?

First, we're inviting you to feel the natural softness of certified organic cotton bedding and the fresh smell of pillows and mattresses that don't off gas chemicals.  

Second, we want you to know that organic products typically last twice as long as their non-organic counterparts because they don't contain all the chemicals that cause products to breakdown over time.

Third, it's within your budget! Organic Lifestyle is now offering a 10% discount on orders.

Fine print:

  • Use coupon 'Sierra2014' on during checkout online on non-discounted Organic Lifestyle products
  • Excludes already-discounted sale items, taxes, and shipping.
  • We ship to the US and Canada
  • Please share with close friends and family
  • Please refrain from re-posting this coupon code on public sites
  • Valid till Dec 20 2014.


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