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Recycled Cotton Socks For Change

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Recycled cotton socks for change

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Recycled Cotton Socks For Change Recycled Cotton Socks For Change Recycled Cotton Socks For Change
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According to the Recycling Council of Ontario, the average North American throws away 37 kilograms of textiles annually.
95% of which could have been reused or recycled.

So we were delighted when we found a Toronto startup working with recycled cotton yarn, made from scraps recovered from t-shirts and the production of other cotton products.

How do they make recycled cotton yarn?

During the recycling process, the cotton waste is first sorted by type and color and then processed through stripping machines that first breaks the yarns and fabric into smaller pieces before pulling them apart into fiber. The mix is carded several times in order to clean and mix the fibers before they are spun into new yarns.

Why recycled cotton is important to consider compared to growing (virgin) cotton?

Cotton is an extremely resource-intense crop in terms of water, pesticides and insecticides. This means that using recycled cotton can lead to significant savings of natural resources and reduce pollution from agriculture. Recycling one tonne of cotton can save 765 cubic metres (202,000 US gal) of water!

Why is the fabric blended?
Post recycling, the resulting staple fiber is of shorter length compared to the original fiber length, meaning it is more difficult to spin. Recycled cotton is therefore often blended to improve yarn strengths.

34% Nylon, 61% Recycled Cotton, 5% Spandex


Knit in the USA at a small family owned knitting mill.


While the recycled yarns are not certified organic, they are certified by Oeko Tex, which insures the materials used are certified to be free from key harmful substances (i.e., toxins like formaldehyde) and made with respect for the environment and labour rights.

It's also MADE IN GREEN labelled, giving you visibility into the various stages of production.

And, in addition to supporting your renegade style, $1 dollar from each sock sale will be donated by the distributor to the Movember Foundation annually.


Small: Women's 6 - 8 | Men's 5 - 7
Medium: Women's 8 - 10 | Men's 7 - 9
Large: Women's 10 - 12 | Men's 9 - 11
X-Large: Women's 12+ | Men's 12-14

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