[ This article is avail in French – Est-ce mieux de faire l’amour sur un matelas bio? ]

Given the 30C weather, 2 elves at Organic Lifestyle have been feeling a little frisky and posed the question:

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Is making love on an organic mattress better?

She says: “We need a new mattress! I can feel springs poking my bum when I’m on the bottom!”

He says: “Those space age memory foam mattresses are pretty cool. Let’s get one of those!”

She says: “But they’re SO smelly – I’d rather prefer to pass out from ecstasy rather than toxic gasses!  In fact, even conventional innerspring mattresses can off-gas PBDEsVOCs and formaldehyde.”

He says: “VOCs and PBDEs!  OMG!”

She says: “Ha-ha, very funny. For the same price of an conventional mattress, we could get an organic mattress! An Organic Wool Innerspring might be a good option for us – wool acts as a natural fire retardant and helps regulate body temperature and absorbs moisture…*wink wink*. Or Natural Foam Rubber mattress which is dustmite resistant and provides plenty of “give”Wool or Foam Latex Rubber allergy? Try Naturepedic.He says: “Let’s watch out the Mattress Video Demos or test the mattresses for springy-ness at the Retail Store!”

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