My most recent TV binge watching has been a British series called Mr. Selfridge – the story about the American (deliciously played by Jeremy Piven) who was behind Selfridge’s Retail store.

According to the show, he was a brilliant master of taking controversial causes of the time and turning it to his advantage, innovative thinking (items being displayed for people to touch and feel, the concept of beauty counters, inspiring Window design .. things we take for granted today, was popularized by him).

As a Retailer myself, I’m totally relishing the show.

Its the new Downton Abbey goes Shopping

And if that’s wasn’t enough, here is a clip featuring a budding relationship between two co-workers, both from different walks of life …

So in honour of Mr. Selfridge inspiring me, I’d like to introduce the ‘Something Organic for Everyone’ – our deepest discount sale from May 20th till midnight  June 9th 2014.

Upto 25% off Demo Twin mattresses,  rubber topper and slat foundations (already marked down, for Canadians customers only)

Enter ‘selfridge’ upon checkout to receive upto 20% off any new mattress, toppers, comforters (You know we almost never have sales on these, so best to take advantage!)

Upto 20% off anything else that hasn’t already been discounted, Not on Promotion, Orders already placed, Not on another incentive plans nor on Sale

Enter ‘selfridge’ upon checkout; examples:

Bedding – sheet sets, comforters, duvet covers, pillowcases

DIY Water testing kits

organic seeds


PVC-free shower curtains

pillows like migraine relieving buckwheat


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