Spring has officially arrived. Or has it? According to Rick Mercer…

We’re very excited – all those days we spent hibernating inside has resulted in an assortment of n.w.organic products like handbags, untreated wood bedframes …

But first, we have a favour to ask – Once a year, we strategize on the direction we want to take

For instance,

  • should we find more organic bedding options or source green building products (eg., rain barrels, dirty energy filters) or both?
  • would getting a discount incent our loyal customers to purchase on a more frequent basis?
  • would you be keen where you receive new products or samples on a semi-frequent basis?

We’ve come up with a short list of questions for you that will take you no more than 30 secs to fill out.

If you have a suggestion or comment, just use the ‘Other’ box.


Cork based messenger and handbags, tech accessories (PRE-ORDER by email)

Cork Ladies Purse, Vegan Purse,

Cork messenger bag in natural, vegan messenger bag

Ladies Travel bag $179 Messenger bag #1 $199

Cork Ladies Wristlet, Cork Fashion Accessories

ALMEIRIM Ladies Cork  Handbag

Ladies clutch $135 Women’s handbag $189

ipad cork sleeve firebrick

Cork Messenger Bag

iPad Sleeve $70 Messenger bag #2 – $235

Again, please PRE-ORDER by email

Untreated wood bed frames, made in USA, no glues w tung oil finish.

Click image for more details

We met Sofi & Nick, co-founders of Alice & Whittles, who sustainably produce GORGEOUS Espadrilles, now on sale.

White_Isoceles_Top.jpg YELLOW ESPADRILLES.jpg
Last but not least, thank you in advance for answering our short list of questions.

Your vote will shape our business & empower you to live a more organic & sustainable lifestyle.