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When Dihan met Dr.Viv, pain relief expert

Met up with Dr.Viv She runs a MCS meetup group and holds workshops on living pain free, Mindfulness and hypnotherapy out of CSI Annex in Toronto, where I work out as well, so I felt we should definitely meet. We had a fascinating conversation – A trip to South America made her fall in love […]

I’m on a Farm

By Dihan Chandra, Owner, Organic Lifestyle.   So friends of friends’ parents live on a farm and I managed to invite myself and my dog to visit for a weekend. My hosts, Derek & Margaret have been farmers all their lives and brought up 3 kids who have since moved away, married with their own […]

My evening with Dr. David Suzuki – climate change vs economy

Actually, imagine Dr. Suzuki in a court of law, on trial defending his manifesto requiring Canadians to reduce their carbon emissions which is against Harper Government’s policies on climate change, as it will have a detrimental effect on Canada’s economy in turn. Excerpt from Dr. Suzuki’s Carbon Manifesto: Governments and corporations are not just failing us, […]

How I spent my Sunday morning – quick survey to figure out my carbon footprint :)

Boring as it may seem, I’m actually quite keen to figure out how to reduce my carbon footprint. Project Neutral who is located in the same building as Organic Lifestyle, just released their annual survey to help you assess your current footprint. How their calculator differs from other carbon footprint calculators I’ve seen is that […]

my picks for Apr 25-May 5

Hi Sorry for the last minute posting. I haven’t had a chance to check reviews or to ensure if tickets are still available:  The Manor (family run strip joint) Narco Cultura (perspective on life in mexico) The Unbelievers (atheists)   Chi (beat cancer thro’ ayuvedic) ghosts_in_our_machine (sentience of animals) Picture of light (northern lights) Another night on Earth (perspective on life in […]