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Introduction to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

Causes: The multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) syndrome is a subjective illness that is triggered by repeated chemical exposures (usually odour). Studies points the causes at the following trigger chemicals (but not limited to): Gasoline (petrol) or diesel fuel Petroleum-based products, including petroleum jelly, tar, asphalt Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals Industrial cleaning chemicals, […]

Are Your Clothes Becoming Intolerable? Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Are Your Clothes Becoming Intolerable? Chemical toxins are a growing problem for everyone – you, me, your family, people everywhere. Dr. Dick Irwin, a toxicologist at Texas A&M University, stated that “Chemicals have replaced bacteria and viruses as the main threat to health. The diseases we are beginning to see as the major causes of […]