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When Dihan met Dr.Viv, pain relief expert

Met up with Dr.Viv She runs a MCS meetup group and holds workshops on living pain free, Mindfulness and hypnotherapy out of CSI Annex in Toronto, where I work out as well, so I felt we should definitely meet. We had a fascinating conversation – A trip to South America made her fall in love […]

Water Pure and Simple

by Utsav Sakhuja My very first step to living an Organic, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic and Healthy lifestyle started by researching the very basic, yet most essential component, Water. Humans are composed of approximately 60% water and in order for us to function efficiently we must always be hydrated. The symptoms of dehydration range from, absent-mindedness, headaches, dry […]

Soy: Is it Good or Bad for us?

by A K Perera Soy has been, for centuries, a dietary staple in many Asian countries and has often been touted as the ultimate health food, for its low-fat, high-protein content. However, in recent years there have been growing concerns regarding genetically modified soybean crops, soy allergies and a possible link with breast cancer. Here […]

Nine Ways to Avoid Household Toxins

One expert offers tips for consumers who want to avoid exposure to everyday household toxins and chemicals. Abridged article. Read Unabridged article by Christina Gillham from Newsweek 1. Filter Your Water. A simple water filter can capture a lot of pollutants. Some cities’ water supplies can contain trace amounts of arsenic, lead, perchlorate and/or atrazine, […]

It’s Summer: Time for Green Renovations

It’s Summer: Time for Green Renovations It’s summer, which in Canada can only mean one thing: home renovation time. Rejuvenate your home – both indoors and out – with a new coat of paint or stain. Imagine your backyard deck gleaming with a deep redwood stain. Or your bedroom walls radiating with a relaxing shade […]

Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out

by Wellness by Design   With Spring having sprung, it is an ideal time to consider cleansing (aka detoxification)! Your body and mind naturally feel the need to cleanse as the days finally begin to get longer, as sunlight increases, and as you start to wake up in tandem with the world around you. An […]

Featured Fall Flavours

Featured Fall Flavours Get ready to be Autumn Awed at the bountiful, health promoting properties of our Featured Fall Flavours! These fruits and vegetables contain many different types of phytochemicals, powerful plant compounds that work to optimize health and prevent disease. Note the recurrence of Vitamin A (beta-carotene). How fascinating that so much of the […]